Story Creation Service

Your true story is being created with every breath you take. As a creative adventure you can choose to give power to hopes and dreams through story and/or song.

I would love to work with you or your loved one to create your story or song. Recorded on mp3, CD or tape, it's something you or your loved one can listen to and enjoy over and over.

Hearing or telling a story or song gives power and emphasis to it. What do you want your story to be? Story can be created to celebrate an anniversary or birthday or special occasion. It can be funny and joyous at the same time. Sometimes laughter is the best medecine.

Creating & Telling (Your story can be a story, poem, or song). A beautiful short poem or song can be a powerful personal visualization instrument for healing, celebration or just plain fun. A talisman. A motif.

Beach baby drawing by Sally Rae Rogers, storyteller
"Beach Baby"—An original drawing
by Sally Rae Rogers

Irresistable, educational, entertaining

I have found that a personalized story, song or poem makes the recipient feel special, noticed, and hopeful.

Who could resist listening to "a story that Sally made up just for you"?

A personalized story, song, or poem can be:

  • educational; or
  • a vehicle for positive visualizations for your self, your child or other loved one; or
  • an entertaining gift for a birthday or anniversary or any occasion.

Get a Free Story or Poem - Made Just for You!

I will create a limited number of free, personalized poems or stories - for you or your child.

Interested? Check "I'd like a free story or poem" in my contact form. Then I'll send you a few questions to answer.

If your answers spark a story or poem that I will be proud of giving you (and if my schedule allows it) I'll email you the free story or poem. The cost to you? All I ask, if you like the story or poem, is that you email me a sentence or two saying what you liked about it or the beneficial effect it had.

Even if you don't win a free one...

If you have a tight schedule or want to be sure of getting a personalized story, poem or song for a special event (a birthday? anniversary? wedding? graduation?) I offer this service at a reasonable fee. Just describe your needs on my contact form, and we'll begin a discussion about how to meet them.

The mother of one pre-schooler said, “My daughter never spoke before. But after Sally Rae told her story, she is actively talking and asking questions!”

Master Storyteller Doug Lipman exclaimed, “Genius!” upon hearing a story creation of Sally Rae’s.