Programs from Sally Rae Rogers

Storyteller Sally Rae Rogers holding a live koala"Families in your area are very lucky to be able to take advantage of your caring work." - Margy Whitmer, former producer of the PBS program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Programs are available both for children or adults.

1. Educational: work in schools, nursing homes and elsewhere, encourage learning privately

2. Therapeutic - individual sessions - personal songs & stories

3. Entertaining - songs for gifts or performances

1. Educational Programs

Be proactive in fostering listening, and oral language skills by having Sally Rae conduct a Storytelling program at your school.

Stop Bullying

Stop bullying – Don’t wait - Have Sally Rae conduct a storytelling workshop that promotes discussion about acceptance of others Nip bullying in the bud. . Don’t wait! Help to stop bullying

Time Traveling Woman

Time-Traveling Woman will come to your assembly or class and answer questions and discuss what her visit to the future was like.

Every time she visits the future it becomes better or worse, due to elementary school children who decide to change it. (At least two weeks before Time Traveling Woman's visit, each student writes about half a page about what they would like to do to help the world when they grow up. In her reports from the future, Time Traveling Woman incorporates what the students wrote.)

Time-Traveling Woman will talk about how the future can be changed and encourage children to do so.

Time-Traveling Woman is also available to describe her visit to one or more historical time periods that your class is studying. (For example, she has visited the American Revolution and come back to report on the actions of Deborah Sampson.

Singing in nursing homes

For people unable to enjoy lengthy talking, a song always brightens up their day.

“I feel your singing go right into my heart.”—nursing home resident

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2. Therapeutic Sessions

Sally will do individual sessions, interacting with a child or an adult to create personal songs & stories.

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3. Entertaining Programs

Story Programs

Original stories and songs for children and families

“Your voice is beautiful. A breath of fresh air. I’ve never seen my son focus so beautifully. He so totally responded to you.”—The mother of an autistic boy

"Uplifting Stories" open mic events

Sally will come to your facility and lead a story-sharing event. Focusing on Uplifting Stories and sparked by Sally's welcoming enthusiasm, your group will find themselves sharing storytelling abilities they didn't even know they had.

"In helping Sally produce the "Uplifting Hearts Open Mike" for over three years, I have watched her take the threat out of public speaking for so many people, supportively encouraging them to participate, valuing their efforts and giving them very good feedback, as well as making people understand thatlistening is as important to any good event as performing. Thus a community atmosphere is created in which every person listens to and respects each individual who gets up."—Susan Melzter, Boston Connection Conference Center.

"The events that Sally led were wonderful...truly uplifting."—Robert Luckey, Boston, MA

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